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    The Joy of Crafting with your Children

    Nowadays, technology plays a very big part of a child and a parent’s life too. They spend a lot of their time updating their social media accounts or researching the best double stroller. And because of these, they tend to forget to have some actual interaction with one another. Parents often think that watching trending videos with their child is enough to connect with them. But little do they know that parents and children who bond over some craft time have lifelong benefits. Here’s why:crafting-with-children

    Improves Parent-Child Connection

    Craft time improves your connection with your child. It is an easy way to have some intimate time with each another. It is a parent’s chance to know more about their child’s personality and see how they think and learn. Crafting together can make your child feel comfortable to open up and talk about matters that he has been wanting to tell you. And this is a good time for you to show support to your child and to reassure that you will always be around for him.

    Enhances Child’s Character

    Crafting with your child also gives you the chance to shower him with positivity. Some adults grew up having low self-esteem because they never experienced how it is like to be appreciated when they were young. Crafting allows you to show your interest to your child’s artwork and appreciates their artistry.

    More importantly, crafting is a chance for you to have fun with your child. Keep it light and relaxed. Enjoy the process of crafting. This does not only give you a chance to bond with your child but also a time for you to take all your stress away. It is a win-win situation!

    Great Appreciation Over Small Things

    Parents often think that big gestures or material things are the ones that their child would appreciate and remember. But your child will remember even the smallest things, like a 20-minute craft time together a week. It is an opportunity for you to get messy, laugh and have personal conversations with your child. So, don’t neglect the small things. Always remember that “Great things start from small beginnings.”