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    Learning Something Is Everything

    Crafting is pretty much a trial and error thing. The very first knitted shoes will never look as good as your tenth one. Doing it over and over makes you an expert, yet there are things and techniques you can never learn alone.

    Not being able to explore other ideas can make you stagnant and your product obsolete. So, since internet has all the answers to your questions, make the most of what is being shared on the internet by your fellow “crafters”. New ideas are always good ideas. Take time to see things on a different dimension. Find time to go out of your house and look for new inspirations. Have a quick coffee break and read crafting magazines. Arts and crafts magazines are like enrolling to a crash course on industrial arts but cheaper and there’s no professor to yell at you when you do things wrong. So, invest in magazines since broadening your knowledge and learning new techniques is of great aid to your crafting business. Watching tutorial videos is also one way to improve your crafting techniques. Watching a video is very useful in terms of trying to learn a technique that you can’t quite pull off. There are millions of videos on the internet that teach you how to do things easily. It could also be a good source of new ideas and inspirations. If you are getting serious on your crafting business, enrolling to a crafting course would be a good idea. If you prefer intensive learning and being a pro on what you do, this could be the best way of learning ways on how to improve your work. But in the long run, it all boils down to the point of how much patience you are willing to give and how much passion you have.


    Arts and crafts are fun, but your willingness to learn new things and to open your mind to endless possibilities in the world of crafts is something way more important. As long as you love what you are doing, learning is just a piece of cake. So go fish for new knowledge everyday Being stagnant is never an option; going further is. There’s always a room for improvement in this ever changing world. Don’t be the last person on the trend and go out to learn something new to inspire yourself to also become an inspiration to others.