Benefits That Modern Businesses Offer To Employees

The concept of business and employment has changed rapidly in the past few years. All the top companies of the world are trying their level best to provide favorable working conditions for their employees so that they can get motivated and attracted towards the company. Starting from favored working conditions, healthcare to stock options, they provide several benefits for their employees. These perks are popularly known as welfare capitalism.  

Ina recent research it has been found that almost 48% of employees look for these perks while searching for jobs. So you can obviously understand the role of these benefits in modern business. Now let’s check out the most popular employee benefits offered by modern business these days. 

Top Employee perks to keep them attracted 

Health Insurance– Almost 80% of candidates who are looking for jobs, search for companies that offer health insurance. Well, frankly speaking, these days’ employees value health insurance more than pay raise. The reasons are obvious. We all know that health insurance premiums are pretty expensive. So its better you look for employers who offer health insurance program.

Vacation programs- One of the best ways to motivate the employees is by offering them free or discounted vacation programs. Employees who provide complete dedication to their work and has a good score rate at the end of the year, are often given free vacation trips by the companies. W relaxing vacation with the family will refresh their mind and they become more enthusiastic towards work.

Yoga and fitness training- Offices these days have their own in-built gym and fitness training halls. For mind and body fitness of the employees, several companies offer free Yoga and fitness classes’ post office hours. This is another method of motivating employees.

Performance Bonus– Above all money stands the first. If you are paid more you will work more! Businesses these days have come up with a bonus program to acknowledge the extra efforts of the employees. This helps them motivate to work more efficiently. They know that if they work efficiently they will be rewarded accordingly.

Paid Sick Days- Just like free trips and vacation, PTO lets the employees feel that the company cares about their health and welfare. It brings a good work environment during the flu season. Offering sick days also gives your employee psychological support as they don’t feel like mere slaves who have to work even if they have a poor health condition.

Flexible working schedule- Flexibility in working schedule is one of the top criteria of modern employees. Flexibility in working schedule helps the employee to get a perfect balance between work and personal life. Also, the work from home culture is getting quite popular these days. All your company wants is getting the work done at the right time, from where you are working actually do not matter.

Miscellaneous office perks- High-end offices these days have their own play hall or court where employees can have some fun post office hours or in between breaks. Playing or involving into any fun activity while working or post office hours helps to reduce work stress to a great extent.